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In the months after experiencing a traumatic event, some people experience extreme emotional distress, which quickly becomes acute stress disorder. If this happens to you, contact RobinsPsych at one of our locations: in the Hub, Bronx, NY, and in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, NY. The expert medical staff provides the help needed to relieve acute stress disorder and prevent it from becoming post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stress Disorders Q & A

What’s acute stress disorder?

Acute stress disorder is a condition that develops in the first month after experiencing a traumatic event that involved actual or threatened injury or death. For example, it could involve the death of a loved one, a violent assault, rape, a car accident, or natural disasters. Not everyone who experiences a traumatic event will develop the condition but those who start feeling deep anxiety or dissociative symptoms likely have. Acute stress disorder can sometimes be resolved within a month. However, if symptoms continue, it may progress into post-traumatic stress disorder. 

What symptoms occur during acute stress disorder?

A common development associated with acute stress disorder is dissociative symptoms. There are 3 symptoms that must be present to be diagnosed with this condition. They include a sense of being detached from thoughts and feelings, feeling that your surroundings aren’t real, and memory loss.

These symptoms affect other areas of life, for example, because those with acute stress disorder feel numb and unable to feel emotions they may lose interest in their usual activities. Also, engaging in normal life may make them feel guilty. The traumatic events are usually relived again through flashbacks and nightmares. Other symptoms may include irritability, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and an exaggerated reaction to sudden noise or movement.

How is acute stress disorder treated?

Since people expect to have some level of upsetting feelings after a traumatic event, they fall into the trap of expecting that their symptoms will get better after time. In turn, they don’t seek medical help, increasing the chances of stress developing into post-traumatic stress disorder or ongoing anxiety disorders. If you or someone you know has passed through a traumatic experience contact RobinsPsych. They can help you with all your post-trauma needs through professionally conducted therapies.

The medical experts at RobinsPsych will first assess your symptoms to see whether your distress level is normal or whether you will benefit from therapy. If they feel you can benefit, they have a variety of talk and alternative therapies that they can offer to help relieve the symptoms of the stress disorder. They are also specialists in administering cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In addition to being the most effective treatment for acute stress disorder, it also provides preventative treatment against the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Schedule time with one of our specialists at either of our offices in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, NY or in the Hub, Bronx, NY.

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