PTSD Specialists

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops after experiencing a traumatic event, such as violent assault, childhood abuse, natural disaster, or military combat. At RobinsPsych in the Hub, Bronx, NY, and in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, NY, the medical experts are highly experienced at providing therapy for those with PTSD. Call today for your consultation and you can have a tailor-made plan of therapy, created to help relieve you from the symptoms of PTSD.  


What’s PTSD?

PTSD is a serious mental health condition that develops after experiencing a traumatic event. A person may develop PTSD even when the traumatic event wasn’t experienced by the person directly. It could be that the person simply witnessed the event or heard that a close friend or relative was threatened. PTSD can involve trauma from physical harm or the potential for physical harm, such as death, serious injury, or sexual violence.

The physical causes of PTSD are not fully understood but experts believe that during traumatic experiences, the brain’s structure is affected, which causes long-term changes in the brain’s response to stress.

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

After being exposed to a traumatic event that caused PTSD, a person may feel stressed or scared, even when there is no threat of danger. They may experience:

  • Re-experiencing: Reliving the experience again through nightmares, flashbacks, and traumatic thoughts that cause great distress and physical reaction.
  • Avoidance: Avoiding places, events, or objects that remind them of the traumatic event.
  •  Changes in mood and brain activity: Forgetting events, inaccurately blaming others or self for the event, a loss of interest in activities, feeling detached, and feeling the emotions related to the trauma such as fear, horror, and shame.
  • Reactive behavior: May include angry outbursts, being frightened easily, tense, hypervigilant, and difficulties sleeping.

It is common that those with PTSD also suffer from other psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. If your symptoms are affecting your ability to function in everyday life or are lasting more than a month then call the medical experts at RobinsPsych.

How is PTSD treated?

PTSD can be treated using medications and psychotherapy. The experts at RobinsPsych specialize in a number of different psychotherapies that can be arranged either one-on-one or in a group. Other effective treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, which gradually exposes the patients to the trauma until they are able to control their fear. RobinsPsych also uses things like mindfulness meditation to relieve anxiety and stress.  Call us today  to be seen at an office near you. We have one in office in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, NY and one in the Hub, Bronx, NY.

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