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Psychological testing can be used to evaluate IQ; emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning, and to diagnose psychological disorders. Contact RobinsPsych in the Hub, Bronx, NY, and in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, NY, when you need psychological testing. They have both the experience and the expertise needed to choose the proper tests, analyze the results, and have the insight to choose the right treatments. 

Psychological Testing Q & A

What’s a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is a method of determining whether a patient meets the diagnostic criteria for a psychological disorder. The psychologist begins by asking about the complete medical history. Then the psychologist talks with the patient to understand the reasons why they came for the assessment asking about their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Part of the psychological assessment will include observing the patient while they are engaging in an everyday task or perhaps in their natural environment. This is especially true when working with children. These observations can be a valuable tool in determining behavior, communication, and interactions with others that are difficult to determine through other methods of testing.

Part of the assessment will include a structural clinical review, which includes asking the patient a standardized list of questions. The list is compiled through scientific research and designed to reveal information that is relevant to specific psychological disorders.

What types of psychological tests are used?

With the aid of a psychological test, it is possible to gain an accurate psychological assessment. The test may be completed by the patient, parent, or therapist depending on the type of test being administered. Within each category of tests, there are a variety of different tests available. The general categories are: 

  • Intellectual functioning: These include intelligence tests and neuropsychological assessments. Neuropsychological testing is slightly different in that it looks more extensively at aspects of cognition,
  • Personality assessment: Personality traits are determined through this type of assessment, particularly those associated with specific mental health conditions. It may include tests for emotional development and functioning however emotional issues also crossover with behavior assessments.
  • Behavior assessment: These tests are designed to evaluate a person’s behavior and discover what triggers the behavior. Behavior assessments are similar to surveys. They list different behaviors and the patient comments on how frequently and intensely these actions occur.  

How is psychological testing used?

It’s important that experienced mental health professionals, like those at RobinsPsych, interpret the results from psychological testing. Their decision is also always based on a thorough examination, perhaps using a variety of tests, to discover your unique mental health challenges. Then through careful and thoughtful analysis of the information, they will be able to tailor the treatment for your specific needs. Solid information can be gathered from psychological tests but using that information to make decisions depends on the knowledge and experience of the one administering the tests. You can be confident of a competent, and compassionate approach from the team at RobinsPsych.

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