Covid-19 Update

We are closely monitoring the situation with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping up with daily NYS DOH and CDC updates and participating is weekly NYS DOH webinars. For the most up to date information regarding COVID 19 please visit or

Below are the safety and health measures we are implementing to protect you as a patient as well as our staff.

The following is a summary of our current protocols for patient care:

  • There will be a pre-screening health questionnaire and temperatures will be taken with an infrared / no-touch thermometer at your appointment
  • I strongly encourage you to complete all necessary paperwork online or by emailing or faxing prior to the appointment day
  • All patients must wear a face covering. Try to come to your appointment alone so there are no extra people waiting in the waiting room
  • Please follow proper hand hygiene after entering our office. There will be hand sanitizer and soap available in our waiting room and bathroom.
  • If the patient, yourself, or anyone in your household is experiencing flu-like symptoms, fever, cough or sore throat, muscle aches, rash, or red/itchy/irritated eyes prior to your appointment, please contact us immediately so that we can reschedule your appointment.

We understand that some of the changes may be inconvenient or difficult for your family but we want to protect everyone. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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